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What is OBC Kids?

OBC Kids is the children's ministry at Oscar Baptist. Your child is so important to us, and we want to provide a safe environment where the Bible is taught with fun activities for all age groups. We have split the kids up based on age groups starting with Nursery ages and Pre-School, then K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade groups so they can focus on Christ and engage Him and Bible Stories on their level.


When and where do we meet?

3rd - 5th Grade

The OBC Kids are placed in three different age groups (OBC Nursery, OBC Young Kids, OBC Older Kids) to create a stronger relationship with teacher and students, but for the OBC Kids to also grasp the Bible on their own spiritual level.


Upstairs of the old church for Sunday School and downstairs for Bible study.

PreK - 2nd Grade

Infants - 3 yrs old

Sunday Mornings 10am

Sunday Evenings 6pm

Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm


Downstairs in the Old Church and every time we meet.


In the nursery during Sunday School and every time we meet.


The Ride Home


We encourage parents to keep the conversation going on the car ride home.

Ask your child these two questions:
Did you have fun?
What did you learn?

Our goal is to have a positive answer to both of those questions each week as we show and teach them the love that Jesus has for all of us.
​Want to get more involved in what your child is learning?


Oscar Baptist Church

7820 Oscar Rd,

LaCenter, Kentucky 42056


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